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What is a boutique Hotel?

A boutique hotel is a small, usually (but not exclusively) independently owned hotel known for its unique design, intimate atmosphere, and personalised service. Boutique hotels often have fewer rooms than larger chain hotels, and tend to be located in trendy neighborhoods and destinations,

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Hotels with that unique boutique feel

We're a collective of designers, hotel specialists and travel experts. We're always on the lookout for the best boutique Hotels in the world. it's especially important to us that no matter their size or price range, they provide that special boutique hotel feel.

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Curated Boutique Hotels & Destinations

It all started in 2019 as a means of collecting the best boutique hotels in the world, in our favourite destinations. We launched Best Boutique Hotel Worldwide with Japan, London, New York, Ibiza and Formentera. The list keeps growing.

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We do all the Research (so that you don't have to)

We choose each boutique hotel that you will find on our website one by one. When we pick a destination, we spend time and effort using our expertise to bring together the places that meet our our high design and quality standards, in all price ranges.


What makes a boutique hotel special?

Several factors can make a boutique hotel special:

  1. Size: Boutique hotels are typically smaller than larger chain hotels, which can create a more intimate and personalised atmosphere.
  2. Design: Boutique hotels often have a unique and stylish design, with interesting architecture and decor that sets them apart from other hotels.
  3. Service: Boutique hotels are known for their personalised service, with staff that is often more attentive and willing to go the extra mile to ensure guests have a great stay.
  4. Amenities: Boutique hotels may offer a range of amenities, such as luxurious bedding and linens, in-room spa services, and personalised activities, which can add to the overall feeling of luxury and exclusivity.
  5. Location: Boutique hotels are often located in prime locations, such as in the heart of a city or in a beautiful natural setting, which can add to the overall atmosphere and experience of staying at the hotel.

Overall, boutique hotels aim to provide an exceptional and personalised experience for their guests, and the combination of these factors can make a boutique hotel special.

Do you charge a booking fee?

No. When we link to external products and services, those links may be affiliate links. If you click on any of those affiliate links and make a purchase within a certain time frame, we may earn a small commission fee. The commission is paid by the retailers, at no extra cost to you. We are independently owned which allows us to only select the hotels we consider to be the best.

Can you manage my bookings?

At Best Boutique Hotels Worldwide we recommend hotels, we don't work as a travel agent, nor do we provide accommodation ourselves. All the bookings are managed by external providers, to which we link our recommendations to.

How do I submit a boutique hotel to be featured?

You can submit a hotel by clicking here.

Do you review every boutique hotel you feature?

We review every property and only accept those that meet our high design and quality standards — in all price ranges.

Can I pay you to feature my boutique hotel?

No, none of the boutique hotels we feature have been paid for.

Where are you based?

Our HQ is based in London, UK.