Takayama 11 Best Boutique Hotels (2024)

Discover the best boutique hotels in Takayama, Japan, set amidst the captivating backdrop of the Japanese Alps - including a ryokan located in the heart of Gifu. Experience the allure of Hida-Takayama through accommodations that reflect its cultural heritage and serene mountainous charm.

Explore some of the best boutique hotels in Takayama with our top picks.

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Wanosato offers luxurious Japanese-style ryokan stay in a 160-year-old quaint Gassho-zukuri thatched-roof house, nestled in the tranquil woods. It features a bedrock and a cypress public hot spring bath, where guests can unwind with mountain views. The property is a 20-minute complimentary shuttle ride from JR Takayama Station.

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